Since 2005, the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 has adopted a proactive approach to courses evaluation. It has set up a real initiative of quality assurance for the improvement of teaching and training.

The objective of the assessment by the students is to help teachers identifying the strengths and weaknesses of their teaching. The aim is also to introduce a progressive and continuous programme for the improvement of teaching methods in order to increase the efficiency of student learning... The other objective is to promote the introduction of innovations for teaching.

Evaluation in 5 steps
Quickly discover the different steps assessing a course and the active involvement of the different parties.

Charter of evaluation

Established by the board of the University  , it aims at improving teaching by providing a positive environment based on trust between teachers, students and the institution.

Procedure to improve teaching and training
Find all information needed to develop a teaching appraisal project, design tools, information gathering and broadcasting , data processing and analysis.

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Evaluation of teachings...




Evaluation of formations and teachings, by Patrick BOIRON